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A Day at the Ranch

Guests with wrangler
The Ranch Experience
Welcome to the Flying U Ranch Family

Welcome to The Flying U Ranch! Here, the spirit of the old west lives on and things remain pretty much as they were 100 years ago.


This is a brief summary of the ranch and the itinerary of your one-of-a-kind experience.


Upon arrival, each guest is assigned their own cabin. This is a highlight of the ranch experience - our guests stay in the original log cabins that were built 100 years ago. Please take a few moments to breathe in the unique cabin experience, complete with woodburning stoves, hand-hewn log furniture, covered sitting porches with rocking chairs, and a view of the most beautiful lake in central BC.

The cabins have no indoor plumbing, but they do have electricity. There is a central shower house with showers and toilets. There is also a large 15-person sauna with a woodburning stove. For those looking for a more pampered experience, we also offer large executive homes with all the conveniences.

“I don’t ever remember being so relaxed on a holiday . . . both my husband and I loved watching our kids while they enjoyed the simple things in life. It was a dream vacation away from the commercial world.”
- Wendy Walker,
West Coast Families

After you check in and get settled, it is time for your orientation course (provided at 9am and 1pm daily). Here you will be provided maps and get safety and navigation tips on exploring the 60,000 acres of trails.  Then it’s down to the main barn to meet the horse wranglers and get introduced to the horses. The Flying U has 100 horses and experienced wranglers including our head wrangler and our senior wrangler. Each guest is assigned a horse according to his or her ability, and that horse will be the guest's mount for the duration of their stay.  Then, to get you comfortable, you head out on an orientation ride with your wrangler to get you familiar with your horse and the environment. Your first day of riding (2 rides total) will be with our wranglers. This is to ensure that you are a good match with your horse. Riders who are going out all day are encouraged to arrive at the barn between 9 - 9:15am to ensure you don't miss your group. The latest you may arrive to ride is 2pm. You can order a packed lunch or come in for lunch which is served from 12pm to 1pm.


After the day's ride, guests have a number of activities to choose from. There is swimming and canoeing on Green Lake or enjoy a game of badminton or horseshoes. Or you can choose to head up to the games room for a game of pool or ping pong. A highlight of the day is our boat cruise, every day at 3pm in our 14-passenger special bowrider. General swim happens daily at 4pm.  That’s when we also provide complimentary water tubing for children and adults .alike.  


Mealtime at the lodge/dining room is announced with the clanging of the bell, following a tradition that goes back 100 years. Family and friends eat together ranch-style on benches with long tables. Breakfast is served promptly at 8am and at breakfast, daily announcements are made regarding trail and weather updates. Then the buffet lunch is at 12pm and dinners are at 6pm. The Flying U has an authentic western saloon separate from the main lodge. The Longhorn Saloon is open from 5pm to 6pm daily for happy hour and again after dinner. Cocktails are served to the sounds of the circa 1880 nickelodeon. Beer, wine, cider and coolers can also be purchased in the dining room. 


Evenings are completely your choice. You can take a canoe out for a romantic paddle or just go to your cabin with a book. There is a horse drawn hayride every Tuesday and Saturday starting at 7pm at the front of the lodge.  Every Friday night is Karaoke Night.  Entertainment is topped off with an old western whoop-de-doo with a live band Saturday night. And overnight there is an open fire in the fire pit with smores. Again, guests are encouraged to enjoy the ranch at their own pace with hot chocolate or something stronger in the saloon. 


At the general store, open 9am to 6pm, you can buy soft drinks and candy bars, snack food, gifts and souvenirs. But you don't have to buy anything because we have a 24-hour refreshment bar in the lodge with cowboy cookies, fresh fruit, coffee tea and hot chocolate 


At check out, guests are always reminded to confirm their dates for the following year in order to ensure cabin and date availability. 

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