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Guest Comments from 2023

This year 2000 guests visited the Flying U Ranch from all provinces of Canada and from USA, Germany, England, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Mexico, and South Africa.  Here is a sampling of comments left with us this season.

"Tims 42 birthday had a blast bonfires, horse rides, and great food 

Exceeded expectations we will be back"


"What an amazing week ….beautiful property with amazing staff and horses" 


"Dogs are kind and loving"


"Happy to have become a sheriff"


"What a great place to celebrate turning 10"


"Love the saloon"


"Love everything about the U coming back" 


"Lost count of the number of times I've been at the U, maybe 40! Best trip ever" 


"Love coming here mostly every year"


"Our Happy Place"


"Food and service excellent"


"Always good to step foot on the grounds" 


"After 34 years still great"


"Never a dull moment"


"This was our first but definitely not our last"


"A great family bonding vacation in the Cariboo House" 


"First time visit. Could not have selected a better place"


"Enjoyed all the activities, wish we had stayed longer" 


"…..Best of all is the people and the atmosphere here" 


"Always the best. Reserved next year" 


"…great stay for family and dog" 


"Magical place…. I leave a better person" 


"Magical….. just love it here" 


"Such a happy place" 


"Another amazing year" 

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PHOTO-2021-10-16-19-24-14 5.jpg
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