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Riding Rules & Requirements

Horseback riding at the Flying U is a very special experience. To maintain our riding, we have a strict set of rules that must be taken seriously and apply to all guests at the ranch. 

For the health and safety of our horses, we can only accommodate riders up to 250 lbs. We have a limited number of horses that can accommodate heavier riders (230-250lbs) so they must be booked in advance. 

To make sure that we have the best fit for the size of the rider, all riders will have their weights privately verified with a staff member upon check-in. Unfortunately, if you are over our limit at check-in, you will not be assigned a horse for your stay.

The earliest you may ride on your arrival day is after the 1 pm orientation. All guests are required to attend an orientation before they can ride. The orientation covers important safety and riding rules. 

Riding is available for guests 5 years of age and older. Kids under 10 years are required to be ponied by a wrangler or experienced rider. We may ask for proof of age upon check in.

When booking your stay, please be honest about your riding experience. If you have over estimated your riding ability when booking we will be unable to guarantee that there will be a suitable horse for you to ride during your stay.

The following set of rules are in place to keep both our riders and the horses safe. If any of these rules are broken during your stay, then you will not be able to ride under the platinum package and will be switched to the platinum plus package for the remainder of the stay. Warnings will not be given. 

Flying U Horseback Riding Rules

  • Ride at your own risk

  • Helmets are mandatory for all riders, regardless of age and experience level

  • Riders under the age of 19 must be accompanied by an adult

  • Cowboy boots or heeled boots must be worn

  • No dismounting at the mounting block

  • Check cinch before mounting

  • Never let go of the reins

  • Warm up your horse before galloping

  • NO RUNNING (trotting/cantering/galloping) within sight of the barn

  • NEVER tie a horse up by the reins

  • No racing on the trail

  • No alcohol prior to or during riding

  • No smoking on the trails

  • Walk sweated horses until dry

  • DO NOT trade horses

  • Close all gates

  • Be considerate of other riders (no erratic passing/ ride at the level of your least experienced partner)

  • All riders MUST be back at the barn and off of their horses NO LATER than 4pm.

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