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John Lovelace

In October 2015, the ranch was purchased by an investment group led by businessman John Lovelace.

John was a Real Estate developer in Ontario and built 3200 housing units. He is a pilot of 40 years and the holder of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association Presidents award.

Over the past 9 years, the ranch, under John’s leadership, has seen a major makeover. While he is not a horseback rider, John is an accomplished businessman. He has added over 60 horses, 24 new staff members, and has remodelled all the executive homes, lodge, and cabins. He has expanded the ranch equipment including tractors, safety equipment, work vans and watercraft. As a result, the ranch has seen a huge increase in guests, especially an influx of young families with children. 

John is married to Nancy and has two children and five grandchildren. In the winters he lives an unpretentious life with his two dogs in rural Mexico.

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