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A Lakeside Vacation


Green Lake is an outstanding family lake that shines with beautiful crystal-clear Caribbean blue/green water. It’s situated on a broad plateau between two snow-capped mountain ranges. With water that is incredibly warm and some of the best beaches in BC, Green Lake is the crown jewel of the Cariboo's 8000 lakes. 

The Flying U Ranch takes advantage of all the recreational benefits of its location on the shores of the lake. This means a vacation at the ranch includes swimming, sailing, tubing, canoeing, kayaking, boat tours and fishing. Over the past few years we have had several lake trout caught right off the dock. Best yet, in the tradition of the Flying U, the fishing just like the horseback riding is self-guided. 

So, when you come to the ranch get set for an all-inclusive Lakeside Vacation. The canoes, sailboat, kayaking and daily tubing, even yoga on the dock are all complimentary. So, pack your bathing suits and fishing gear.  Don't forget your swim goggles, the water is unbelievably clear.

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