Volunteer Program

Two exciting new programs to learn and work at the ranch 

We are proud to offer two excellent ways to come and stay at the ranch for just $50.00 a day (for the work/stay program only). The benefits are similar for each program depending on the age and experience of the guest.  These positions are subject to approval and availability and you must apply for a spot.


Essentially, in return for helping out for 5 hours a day you get meals, accommodation, use of all facilities, riding (subject to horse availability), and waterfront activities. Your stay must be prearranged for a stay 1 week and up to one month. The rates are $50.00 a day to offset meal, insurance and supervision costs: The two programs are:


1. Work/Stay Program (Join the Blue Shirt Program) 

Successful applicants get food, lodging, all amenities and riding when available. Designed for mature men and women or retirees on a budget. 

Work Hours: 5 hours a day. Work can include waterfront, wrangling (experience required), lodge work and evening supervisors.  

Must be hired and pre approved by Activities Director 

Supervision under activities director 

Minimum stay is one week. Maximum 4 weeks 


2 Internship Program (Orange Shirts) 

For 16 to 23 year old students who are looking for a summer experience. You will get on the job work experience 5 hours a day.

Designed for people who may want to come back in following years as full time employees.

Work may involve wrangling (experienced required), waterfront, lodge work and working with school programs.  

Recruitment and supervision under Activities Director. 

Minimum stay: 2 weeks

All other conditions stipulated in Work Stay apply to Internship 

To apply, please email our activities director, Lisa at lisa@flyingu.com