What's New for 2016

On October 27th, 2015 the ownership of the Flying U Ranch changed and a new management team has taken over for 2016. The Team is led by veteran outdoorsman John Lovelace.

John learned his love for outdoor Canada when he was brought up in a lakefront log home. He is a writer and broadcaster and hosted 172 episodes of Wings Over Canada which celebrated rural Canada coast-to-coast.

He is assisted by Chief Financial Officer Anna Gou who is a successful business woman. Together they have assembled a team that is dedicated to the tradition of the ranch while introducing many new and exciting initiatives.


What Stays The Same
The tradition of the old west will stay the same. The dinner bell, the great home cooked dining, the square dances, and the rustic log cabins will remain the quintessential experience of the ranch.

But we have made it easier to enjoy.

New for 2016
First we will be extending the ranch operations to 12 months of the year. We will offer the ranch and horseback riding now from May 1 to October 30 which adds two months to these venues.

We will also open up an exciting winter operation which will start November 1 2016 for cross Canada skiing, Christmas in the Cariboo, ice skating, and snowmobiling.


We have added a wedding planner to help you plan your special day. Please call us to arrange a free consultation

Waterfront Activities
We recognize that the lake is a beautiful asset to the ranch. So for the summer of 2016 we will be adding a waterfront director to develop a more comprehensive package of water skiing, motorboat rides and fishing boats. Most of these new initiatives will be included with the base price.

Ground Transportation
This year we will be adding new ways to get up to the ranch. This will shuttle vans with two return trips weekly, and bus service to the ranch.

Announcements and pricing will be made in the Spring of 2016.


Air Transportation
The airstrip is a big asset to the ranch that we will begin to utilize in 2016. The trip from Vancouver is under an hour by air with spectacular scenery! We have arranged charters with an air carrier starting next summer. We will be announcing rates and schedules.

New Calendar of Events
We will be adding a full calendar of events over the entire 12 months of the year. Some new features including special steak nights, seasonal events for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Executive Retreats
We realize that the charm of the old west visit to the lodge is the rustic cabins. But for those who want a premium experience we will offer two executive waterfront homes at a premium. This is available for Corporate retreats or for weddings or for large family groups. Please see the rate packages.

We have a host of other plans for 2016 that will be announced in the weeks and months ahead. We believe that the ranch will set an unparalleled standard for guest ranches in Canada.

We welcome back all the existing clientelle. You will recognize many familiar faces but some new folks too!

The Flying U Ranch
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