New For 2022

The Ranch is proud to make the following announcements for 2022 Season: 

1. In 2022 we are creating the position of Activities Manager
2. We will have 24 new horses joining the herd in the fall of 2021. 
3. We are increasing the wrangling department to 10 wranglers from 8 
4. New for 2022 is a work stay program to help people come to the ranch at a reduced cost 
5. New for 2022 is our new Intern Program
6. We will be introducing 18 kilometres of new trails  
7. New Laser Sailboat for the experienced sailor 
8. New saddles 
9. Return to School visits after 2 year Covid hiatus 
10. We will be creating the position of Waterfront Director 
11. New antiques acquired for the buildings and grounds 
12. Square dancing returning plus dedicated line dancing evening 
13. Two Pricing seasons instead of three to streamline bookings 
14. 20 original paintings framed and placed in cabins 
15. A new weekly rate to encourage longer stays 
16. A new referral program