Horsemanship Clinic

In depth learning from communication to
proper care with Clinician, Vance Wyatt.

Register as a group of 2+ and receive 10% off each registration

Level 1 & 2 Roping Clinic - May 25-28, 2017

  •  $1396.00  (with all inclusive ranch package) 

Level 1 Working Ranch Roping - $395.00 + GST 

  • May 25 & 26, 2017

  • Full 2 Day Clinic: 9am - 4:30pm)

  • Own horse (must provide negative Coggins)

This clinic is for anyone who wants to learn how to rope in the Ranch Roping Style.  You will learn how to properly coil a rope, twirl a loop, throw a loop, rope dummies from the ground and horseback.  Conditioning the horse to the rope and to dragging the dummy.  You will also learn how to properly dally, keep your horse faced up to the dummy and steer, drag the dummy and steer, head and heel the dummy and steer.  Tying down a steer and retrieving ropes with a four to five-man crew (doctoring) and learning some beginner fancy loops will round out the clinic.  By the end of this two-day clinic, participants will know how to rope, control, position, trip down, and doctor a steer, as well as removing their partners ropes from the tied down animal.  Participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of this course and will be able to continue to Level 2 Working Ranch Roping.                                   



Level 2 Working Ranch Roping - $295.00 + GST 

  • May 27 & 28, 2017

  • Full 2 Day Clinic: 9am - 4:30pm)


Certification in Level 1 Working Ranch Roping is required before moving on to this clinic, as we will be building upon skills learned in the Level 1.  Skills to learn will include three and two-man doctoring, cattle tracking on the end of a rope, long loop catches, hip loops, front foot catches, trap loops.  Participants will learn how to trip cattle down without using a ground man, in order to do two-man doctoring.  Horses will learn how to properly hold the rope tight so that the rider can get off, treat the animal, remove the rope, and return to the horse.  One man steer tripping and doctoring will round out the clinic.  Fancy loops and catches will also be practiced.  Participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of this course.


Equine Communication Patterns - $149.00 + GST 

  • Options: May 24; May 29, 2017

  • Full 1 Day Clinic: 9am - 4:00pm

Using scientific case studies from around the world, we have put together this in-depth clinic to teach people how to understand what their horse is trying to tell them.  Using heart rate, breathing, electromagnetic impulses, eye movement, head carriage, facial features, and more, we can learn how to understand the magic of the horse.  Everyone knows the feeling of calmness that comes over you when you walk into a barn with 30 horses, but WHY does this happen? WHY does your horse spook before seeing that culvert that you know is around the next corner? WHY does your horse change his ear positioning and alertness depending on where he is standing within the herd or on the trail?  Just how sensitive is your horse?  This clinic will teach you the answer to these questions.  Using examples of Human-to-Horse, Horse-to-Human, and Horse-to-Horse exercises, this clinic will demonstrate the different ways that horses communicate with us and with each other.  There will also be demonstrations of herd dynamics and many pictures of horses in therapeutic and training situations.

Western Saddle Fitting - $49.00 + GST 

  • Options: May 24; May 29, 2017

  • Half Day Clinic: 3hrs


Learn to properly fit your saddle to your horse.  Learn how to avoid buying the wrong saddle, and to avoid injuring your horse because of it.  Get knowledge on the right saddle for your style of riding and for the shape of your horse.  Using the shape and movement of the horse, we can properly fit Western Saddles to prevent pain and discomfort to your horse.  A properly fitted saddle will allow you to have a much more pleasant riding experience with your horse and will keep him invested in your time together.  A pain free horse is a happy horse

Flying U Package:  May 25-28

(Includes accommodation, meals, horse, cattle,
ropes, recreation package, welcome package):


$189.00 per night (all inclusive rate)

Receive $50.00 off (total package)
when registering for more than one clinic. 


Minimum Age: 12 years 

About the Clinician:


Vance Wyatt has been working with horses and cattle since he was old enough to be tossed on the back of a horse.  He grew up riding an old appaloosa and swinging an even older rope.  Since he was a teenager, he has worked at ranches and feedlots throughout southern Alberta as a cowboy. 


With over 15 years of ranch work experience, he brings a calm and professional manner to any learning experience.  He has trained ropers and riders of all levels, from beginner to expert, and has developed his Working Ranch Roping clinics to share the western cowboy experience with as many people as possible. 


Vance is the Ranch Manager of Higher Trails Equine in Okotoks Alberta, where he works with clients using Equine Assisted Personal Development (EAPD) programs.  He has a degree in Kinesiology and is an instructor with Equi-Health Canada, and he runs Equine First Aid clinics to spread knowledge of how to look after your horse. As an instructor with Prairie Skies Equine Assisted Therapy, he teaches riding lessons to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  |  1.877.456.7717  |  Our staff can speak English and French!

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