Equine Assisted Personal Development

What is Equine Assisted Personal Development?

The use of horses in therapeutic settings has been in practice for centuries: examples dating back to ancient Egypt when children were taught courage, patience, and understanding, among other fundamental lessons through equine maintenance.

Today, practitioners are using Equine Assisted Wellness, EAW (an umbrella term that includes Equine Assisted Personal Development, EAPD; Equine Assisted Learning, EAL; and Therapeutic Riding), to promote physical and mental health with a variety of clients. While they may differ in name, they are all geared toward mental, emotional, and physical development. Associations such as EAGALA, NAEFW and CanTRA work to regulate this practice nationally and abroad, and have backed extensive research in the field. All EAW practices incorporate some range of alternative counselling, learning, and/or intervention techniques to foster growth in a variety of participants. It is especially effective for PTSD, mental health disorders, addiction recovery, personal development, physical disability physiotherapies and at-risk youth intervention.

Our certified instructors work to incorporate these principles into an accessible and fun half day, full day, and extended workshops for clients of all ages and backgrounds.

The Flying U EAPD and EAL programs encourage leadership skills, help to overcome fears and uncertainties, build teamwork, and enhance creative problem solving.



Trail of the Heart


The Flying U Trail of the Heart has been developed over the last decade by a number of both mental health and Equine Assisted Therapy professionals.

The Higher Trails program is based on the knowledge that you have within you every talent, attitude, quality, and characteristic needed to succeed in life and create an incredible future.

Work with Flying U professionals and our equine team to realize your full potential through this unique, affective, course. Special couple and family rates are available.


Due to the nature of this work, no one program will work for everyone. Please call for a consultation, so we can design a program that fits your individual needs.


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