The Flying U Ranch is a Safe Oasis for all guests and staff


In our 2020 season, we are pleased to report that over 1000 guests stayed at the ranch safely! The ranch operated under the procedures laid out in our COVID 19 Action Plan developed with various agencies. We expect that COVID 19 will be with us again for another year or even longer. We will be prepared to operate under the same protocols with on-going changes as they are recommended. Here is a recap:

For over a century the ranch has been, the very essence of social distancing; 

With its clear mountain air, 240 kilometres of trails on 60,000 acres and 100 horses to take you out on the range, the ranch is a very safe place to be. But there’s more: this is one of the last unguided riding ranches in North America. That means it’s just you and the horse with your own family or social group. In addition, we also have a mile of private waterfront with canoes and kayaks to enjoy the freedom of crystal-clear Green Lake, the crown Jewel of the Cariboo. The home ranch area is a gated community of walkways, fields and parks to enjoy with your friends, family, and perhaps a family dog. There is even a private lake for guests to enjoy. The Flying U Ranch is the very definition of space. 

For the 2020 season we undertook steps to ensure the indoor protocols were safe as well. To that end, we developed a set of protocols based on the latest information and guidelines as prescribed by the Federal Gov., the Province of British Columbia and WorkSafeBC. The result was our comprehensive “Ranch COVID-19 Safety Plan” covering all aspects of the ranch including hospitality, kitchen procedures, food handling operations, barn and riding protocols, and Restaurant and Pub procedures. 

  • The seating in the Saloon, Lodge, and Front of Lodge was reconfigured to allow 6 ft. distancing between all guests. 

  • We also offer 5 stand-alone residences with their own private bathrooms and eating facilities for people who want to isolate. Perfect for groups of 6 to 10 in a group bubble  

  • We have decreased the main lodge seating by 50% and have laid out both the dining room and saloon to provide social distancing. 


  • We have also opened up “under the cover” patio seating so guests can spread out even in inclement weather. 


  • We offer “open air” buffets served on the covered patio and separated by a 100 sq. ft. plexiglass protection.


  • Breakfast and dinners are individually plated and are served by our masked servers.


  • If you prefer to eat at your cabin, meals can be picked up for take-out style.  


  • The ranch has opened up a new licensed eating area in the front of lodge renamed the “Century Room”. This adds another dining area for 36 guests to spread out and maintain social distancing. This is dining in a rustic log dining room with a fireplace. 

  • If you own an EV we have installed fast charging stations so you can recharge in the safety of the ranch. 

  • We have initiated a Unique Safety Protocol developed exclusively for our horseback-riding program. This involves social separation at the barn, use of sanitizers, and mandatory masks when saddling and unsaddling of horses.

  • We have a ranch wide policy of mandatory masks when 6 ft. separation is not possible. 

  • We have a strict policy of spray fogging and total disinfection of all guest rooms after checkout. 


The steps outlined above are only a few highlights of our 16 page operating protocols.

However, at the end of the day the ranch experience is the same: 


OK, there are lots of things at the ranch to keep guests and staff safe for 2021. But that doesn’t mean that the ranch experience isn’t as much fun as ever. Horseback riding in the great outdoors is what our guests come for.  We are adding to our herd this fall to ensure a broader choice of horses for the 2021 season. We have opened up new trails. We have built another corral so we can operate and spread out more efficiency during Covid-19 but there’s more. At 3:00pm every afternoon we take guests out on the motor launch for an afternoon swim at the island. Our waterfront tubing is offered at 4:00pm as always. There is still yoga, archery and hayride.  Our food service is still unequalled with succulent steaks and BBQ western style ribs.  The saloon is still open at 5:00pm for happy hour and after dinner we have the cozy fire pit for socializing.


So we hope to see you this year. Now more then ever you deserve the Flying U Ranch for a safe and relaxing vacation.